Carlos Cortes is a Colombian guitarist born in 1973. He took his very first guitar lessons at the age of 12 with master Sonia Vitery, and later under the guidance of master Luis Adrián Erasso.


Internationally he has played all over the world including  Mexico, United States, Canada, Brasil, Colombia and Spain.


He performed his first concert  in 1992 at the Itaipu auditorium in Foz do Iguazu, Brazil. and in 1993 carlos performed a duet with his master Luis Adrián Erasso at the cultural center of the Republic Bank, in Pasto, Colombia.


Later, Carlos became a student of the "Antonio María Valencia" Conservatory in Cali, Colombia,  where years later he graduated with the title of master in classical guitar under the tutelage of world renown guitar master and composer Hector González.


In 2000 he was invited to perform three concerts at the Puerto Vallarta Campus of  the Guadalajara University in Mexico. A year later he was performing at Simon Bolivar and Mexico Valley Universities in Mexico D.F.


In 2002 Carlos played at the performing arts center of the Elgin Community College in Illinois and in 2005 he played a recital at  Crichton Cultural Community Center Auditorium in Ottawa City, Canada.


In 2006 and 2007 Carlos was invited to participate in the Tapestry guitar Festival, organized by the South Bay Guitar Society in San Jose, California. During these years in California Carlos developed an important artistic career, performing several recitals.


In 2008 Carlos participated in the World Talent Contest in Salt Lake City taking second place, and in 2009 he was invited by the Barcelona Music Friends Society to perform two concerts in Barcelona and Sabadell, Spain.


Carlos has had private guitar lessons with master Norman Ruiz in Chicago, Master Mariano Cordoba in San José, California and baroque lute lessons with masters Michael Cardin in Montreal, and Nigel North in Bloomington, Indiana.


Carlos has recieved much acclaim from the press including praise from the Courier News of Chicago, the Fox Valley Journal, Reflejos, and the Avui Journal of Barcelona among others.


Right now Carlos Cortés lives in Barcelona, Spain and alternates his time between musical projects and studies of International Business Economics at Pompeu Fabra University.





Carlos is available to perform concerts as a solo guitarist, or with an orchestra. He is also available to perform in any part of the world.


If you would like to propose an opportunity or learn more about Carlos' concert program, please visit the contact section of the site and we'll reply as soon as possible.




Carlos' offers his musical talents for your personal and private events; whether that be creating a beautiful background ambience for a wedding, a formal classical music environment at a restaurant, hotel, or simply an informal performance of International music at your leisure...whatever you desire.


Carlos has been performing  events for five starts hotel companies such as Four Seasons, Grand Marival, Mayan Palace, Solare Resort, Intercontinental, Valencia Hotel of Santana Row, Hotel Florida del Tibidabo, Catalonya Catedral, among others.


For more information, please visit the contact page, it would be a pleasure to assist you with your inquiry.




The learning process of the classical guitar is a very important item that requires the utmost in skill, responsibility and discipline not only from the student but also from the teacher.


Carlos offers students an effective methodology to both learn quickly and create a sound basis of critical interpretation and perfect technique.


For any special inquiries, please visit the contact section and we will assist you shortly.




Carlos offers to solo guitarists or to small  chamber music groups (Maximum Quartet) the opportunity to record in his personal digital recording studio.


This package includes recording, masterization and business advisement in order to promote the production. Such as website, online marketing, music digital sells, CD design, etc.


The studio is located in his own house in Barcelona, the premise is to do a very good job it doesn´t matter how many hours of recording it takes, the price is charged for the entire project and not by recording time.


For any inquiry, please use the contact section.

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Carlos Cortés
Tel: +(34) 618.48.9529
Skype: cortesguitarist

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